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4 ways of Instagram popularity

How to get live followers on Instagram

Involving followers with programs is a quick way, but without quality assurance for subscribers. If you are wondering exactly how to wind up live subscribers, you’ll have to work on your own.

There are 4 ways, already tested by thousands of users of this social network:

  • Likes;
  • Following;
  • Comments;
  • Hashtags.

Mass Liking – a way to attract the attention of even strangers, because everyone is interested in who looks and likes their photos. Of course, if a person has several thousand subscribers, this method may not work, because your kid just will not notice. But if you are hooking a photo of a person who does not have many friends and followers, he will most likely come to look at your page. If the page turns out to be interesting for him, he can subscribe or, at least, leave you a mutual like.

How to wind up subscribers in Instagram

Another way to increase the number of friends and subscribers is to find interesting people and fix them yourself. Here, too, it is better to choose potential friends who do not have a well-promoted account, so as not to go unnoticed.

Comments are an even more active way. As a rule, they pass to him after the first likes. It is best to leave meaningful and positive comments so that they do not look like a spam mailing. In this case, you leave a pleasant impression and the person most likely will also want to chat with you, and then subscribe to your page.

Hashtags – a kind of advertising. With their help, you can make your page visible to people who are interested in the topic of your account. Hashtags should not be invented alone: ​​find several popular accounts that are similar to yours on the subject of the photo and use the same hashtags as their authors. People often go to hashtags in search of similar interesting photos. If your photos seem so, then soon a lot of unfamiliar interested people will subscribe to your page.

It is recommended to use these methods not too intensively. It is advisable to subscribe only to users who are really interesting to you – the pages of which you have browsed. Otherwise, your activity will be similar to spam and cause only rejection of social network participants.

Programs and “manual” ways of page promotion are convenient only at first. They are good to give a boost to your page and collect the first few hundred subscribers. Next, you will most likely have to develop relationships with existing ones and attract new people through quality content and advertising.