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Business accounts on Instagram

According to statistics, most Instagram users pay attention first of all to the number of subscribers of the brand page before subscribing to it themselves. This pattern is called social proof, or social proof – the presence of a large number of followers serves not only as proof of the popularity of the brand, but also a signal of approval by the audience. Therefore, creating a business page, marketers have to solve a difficult task – to look for the first subscribers. The most common solution to this problem is to cheat subscribers on Instagram with the help of buying bots or autofalling.

In this article, we’ll look at possible ways to wind up subscribers into instagrams, and consider the experiment of Hootsuite, which by its own example proved that buying bots to advance the page into instagram is ineffective.

Instagram subscribers: basic methods of cheating

There are only 2 ways to wind up subscribers in the instagram. Honest, it’s strategic. You set a goal, share good content and the attention of the audience in your hands. And the second – to engage the dark side of marketing – to buy subscribers. That is bots.

Everyone has long known that brands, celebrities, influential people and even politicians practice adding fake subscribers to social networks. Why are they doing that? It’s all about perception. Suppose: you bought bots, thus you got tens of thousands of subscribers. Real people will “lark” your page, as the popularity of the Instagram account is judged by the number of its followers.

First of all, it is necessary to determine the key difference: promotion of the page in the Instagram using the automation service and buying bots is far from the same thing.

Applications for cheating subscribers in instrageme like and comment on posts on your behalf, thereby attracting attention to your profile. You need to specify the user profile to which you plan to subscribe, based on location, using hashtags, interests, gender, etc. Also there is an opportunity to set criteria after which the bot ceases to follow the account of the one who did not become your subscriber.

Buy subscribers on Instagram can even easier: find the exchange, pay for the service and voila – explosive growth of the audience. It’s cheap, it costs about three dollars for every 100 subscribers. But, in most cases – it’s bots and zombie accounts (inactive, hacked accounts).

There are more expensive options that charge more than $ 1,000 for 10,000 subscribers. Such services support the activity of your bots: they publish records, update information and even periodically interact with your content.