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How to get more followers on instagram, without going to the dark sides

Learn the interests of your audience, share interesting content, thereby you will keep the existing audience and attract new subscribers to the instagram. When publishing posts, use the appropriate hashtags that will lead you to a new audience. This is probably the most effective way to attract subscribers interested in products or services of your company than winding up the number of bots.

Use advertising on Instagram to strengthen the reach of the audience. With a budget of only a few hundred dollars a month, you can significantly increase the growth rate of the account and get new readers. Instagram offers a wide range of advertising opportunities, each of which is associated with a specific business goal (increasing brand awareness, website traffic, product sales or application downloads).

If you want to expand the possibilities and manage your account in the Instagram as efficiently as possible, then use Posting Automation services on Instagram, such as Onlypult. With this service, you can manage multiple accounts at once, publish and plan the placement of content for a certain time, and track your own results. Try today, especially since you can use it for free for a week.


What fate awaits the business, ready to repeat the experiment Hootsuite on cheating subscribers and likes on Instagram? Most likely, such an account will be blocked on Instagram or, even worse, the feil will go to the people. We hope that by this article we have informed the idea that the idea of ​​brand promotion with the help of fake subscribers is far from the best option.

Do not pursue accounts with a large number of subscribers, it’s best to create quality content for your audience, publish it at the right time, and increase your reach with advertising.