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Popular apps for instagram

If you decide to promote your personal or business account on Instagram (and maybe not your own, but the client or the company), then congratulations – you have a lot of work to do!

Activities, analytics, communication, likes and subscriptions – all this takes time. And in case you keep several accounts at once, you need even more time!

However, not everything is so sad. There are a lot of services that can make life easier for an active instaster. And although Instagram does not allow the use of any third-party services and applications, they still use them all. Because it’s so much easier. The main thing in this matter: do not be impudent, be careful and do not take action too quickly.

then the service that gives access to the statistics of your instagram-account. You just need to login and go to the tab “Analytics”, where you will open all secrets of the instagram-universe.

Here you can see who subscribed to you, who unsubscribed, who puts you most of the likes, which photo has scored the most comments and even determine the time when your subscribers on Instagram are most active.

Proceeding from these data, it becomes much easier to plan both the content itself (to make such photos and texts that gain maximum activity), and the time of its publication.


A service that allows you to save your subscriptions. Sometimes there are troubles – account banyats. In this case, all photos are lost, and all the accounts you have subscribed to. Among them may be your competitors, and customers with whom you worked for a long time, and potential customers.

Of course, you can restore everything manually, again find all the necessary profiles and again subscribe to them. If you were subscribed to 5 people, remembering them will not be difficult. If the 500 – will be more difficult.

When making a backup of subscriptions, you keep a list of accounts to which you are subscribed, and, in which case, to find and re-subscribe to them will be much easier.


on Instagram, there is still no built-in repo function. A repost is necessary if you, for example, hold a competition. Not all users know how to make a repost in an instagram, so you have to explain it to participants from time to time. And to explain, you need to understand how it’s done. So here’s one way to make a repost – download the application for instagram, which is called Repost.

Another benefit of reposting is that it facilitates the publication of reviews. Reviews in the instagram, as in any online store, work to win trust. When you see that someone left a comment about your product or posted a photo in your dress or adornment, it would be good to make a repost on your business page. Make it easy and easy with the application.

By the way, not so long ago the application was updated and a wave of panic swept across the instagram: “No more texts repost! Now only photos! “. In fact, the texts also repost. Just before, they immediately appeared under your repostnuyu photograph, and now there is a window with a notification that the text was copied to the clipboard and, if you need it, just paste it. The window, of course, all immediately close and that the text remained on the clipboard does not even guess. And he is there.


This is a postponed posting service. It allows you to create posts for the future, which will be automatically published in your instagram at the specified time.

In the conduct of instagrama regularity is important. If you are very busy and publish posts every day, and even at the same time you can not do it, postponed posting solves your problem.

In SMMplanner every month you get 100 free posts: 50 posts just like that, another 25 for joining Vkontakte group and 25 more for subscribing to Facebook. And so every month. 100 posts for one account – it’s about 3 posts a day, which is quite enough.

By creating a content plan in the service, you can add photos from the computer, prescribe tags, publish time and even remove the post time, if necessary. Periodically you will be notified by mail that the number of your posts has been increased. Also a notification will be sent to the post office if something went wrong and the post was not published.

This is a service for automating the work with Instagram. That is, this is the service that will fool photos instead of you.

Likes and subscriptions are still effective ways to attract attention to the instagram. You can search for your audience and enjoy photos by tags, you can go to the competitor’s subscribers and trace all the profiles in search of suitable ones. You can do this manually, but you can use special software. With the help of software, of course, faster.

You give the program parameters (for example, a tag, a geotag or an account of your competitor), it finds users who fit these parameters, walks into their accounts and does what you tell them to do. For example, she can put the likes (as much as you specify in the settings), can subscribe, leave comments or unsubscribe.